Friday, April 11, 2008

LM agency labels

Have you seen that new branch label called LM? Who is that? It's Library Materials Services! Amy Greenland visited Douglas County and found them using their library support department as a branch on multiple copies of very popular books like the Grishams and the Pattersons. Why?

Well, all those multiple copies we order are going out to fill holds on the holds list. Once all the holds are filled, what branch is going to want 25 copies of a book everyone's read? Now, when the holds list is fulfilled, those copies will return to their owning branch - Library Materials Services - where their disposition will be determined. No extra weeding at the branches. Ingenious? We thought so too, and you will be seeing more of these every week. What do you think?


Monica said...

This should really help the branches by not having to weed all the multiple copies when the item's popularity wears off! Yes, ingenious even! :-)

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a good idea to me as long as facilities are allowed to retain items they know will continue to circulate with or without holds at the moment. I would assume that copies of books by John Grisham, James Patterson, Stuart Woods, Maeve Binchy, Sue Grafton, etc. will retained even if they are not the newer titles. The libraries continue to have a need for such authors because people continue to get introduced to authors all of the time and want to go back and read other titles by that author. LD

Mary Dexter said...

Monica, yes it pays to go sleuthing and see what other libraries are doing. (Douglas, in this case). And thanks to Amy Greenland for taking a page from their book!

LD, the branches will have their regular copies too, in addition to the LM copies. Your regular copies will be retained when the hold lists are fulfilled, and you may even find that you'll be weeding some of those too.

But either way, there will be plenty of copies to distribute when all is said and done, and the branches won't have to take the time to weed out so many!

Monica said...

I always knew that Amy Greenland was a smart one! :-) And Mary too!!!