Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Questions about the Music CD conversion

Staff at one of the branches recently asked: We have a new music divider with no music in that genre to put behind it. What should we do?

Answer: Leave your music divider out on display. Chances are you do have something that fits that category but it may be checked out. Even if you don't have anything now, you soon will as new music is received and old music is reclassified.

All old ANSCR code categories can be moved immediately to the new divider. For instance, CDs with the code "Y" on the label can be moved to SOUNDS/EFFECTS; and CDs with the code "R" can be moved to HOLIDAY. The MA discs can be moved to the EASY LISTENING divider; the MR discs can be moved to the POP/ROCK category, and so on.

Cataloging will be calling back CDs for some time to come, so it will be a gradual process populating your new dividers. We think this project will really benefit staff and patrons alike, and to make the transition easier, please post your questions here and we promise to come up with answers!